A little day trip to Spencer Spit through Lopez Pass.

  It's time to warm up the engines and enjoy those short sunny Winter days.

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leaving Anacortes Marina Mount Baker through the mast forest. Mount Baker Southeast Point, Guemes Island
The weatherman woke up in a good mood on Saturday, February 23, 2008. A post for the previous weekend by "Briar Patch" on the Tollyclub forum, wondering if anyone was going to be puttering around the San Juans got me interested in doing a little early season day trip. Leaving Anacortes Marina, the water was glassy and the skies were blue. Mount Baker looked cold and majestic through the mast forest. Even though we got an early start, we were not the first ones on the water.
Mount Baker over Hat Island 30' Norstar

Dakota Creek Shipyard (1)

Dakota Creek shipyard (2)
Hat Island is so close by, it's unusual that I've never explored it. My dock-neighbor and his daughter had the twin Volvos in harmony as they rounded Cap Sante on the way to grandma's house. And a little further down Guemes Channel it's always interesting to see what big projects Dakota Creek Shipyards is working on.
MV Kalletan A Sea Lion morning nap. Lopez Pass Fishin' at Lopez Pass.
The MV Kalletan was hard at work as we neared the end of Guemes Channel and a Sea Lion found a green channel marker custom made for a morning nap. Across Rosario Strait and around the Southern end of James Island we found Lopez Pass, the little channel between Decatur Island and Lopez Island. The fishermen looked seriously well equipped; maybe I should give this spot a try.
Rim Island Cayou Island Ram Island Brigantine Bay
The western boundry of Lopez Pass is marked by three small islands that are totally picturesque and wonderful. I'll bet Tom Sawyer is camped out one one of them. The first and smallest is Rim Island, and you can see Center Island in the background. Second is Cayou Island and third and largest is Ram Island. We took the shallow waterway betweein Rim and Decatur and the even shallower course between Center Island and Decatur that is part of Reads Bay and pointed ourselves generally between Trump Island and Brigantine Bay..
Trump Island Sylvan Cove Frost Island Frost Island - West side
Then out into Lopez Sound with a little view of the shaded Sylvan Cove. But beware of Undertakers Reef not far to the North. (I just love some of the great place names. I'll bet every one has a story or two in the local legends folder.) . Frost Island and Spencer Spit are just a short distance Northwest.
Spencer Spit Closeup Spencer Spit Thatcher Pass Velkommen and Remedy
Spencer Spit is a 138 acre marine and camping park with 12 mooring bouys and a replica of the Spencer's guest cabin. We didn't go ashore because the blue skies and sunshine were too tempting. Our neighbors, Bill and Sharon Robertson, in a 37' Nordic Tug, joined us for a relaxing afternoon.
Velkommen sunshine Velkommen and Frost Island Remedy at Spencer Spit Remedy sunshine

The sunshine was marvelous but boat pics are manditory, especially when the subjects are a stylish Tollycraft and a stately Nordic Tug.

Hi Sharon Blue Heron American Fishermen Great Northwest

We took the dingy and explored the narrow channel between Spencer Spit and Frost Island before taking the Velkommen through. It's an easy passage but the Blue Heron had his fishing interrupted. We just went around Frost Island and back to Anacortes through Thatcher Pass enjoying the interesting boats and great scenery.

Afternoon nap Don't bother me.


The Sea Lion was still napping as we approached, or perhaps it was one of his buddies. When we got a little closer he did not seem to be especially flattered at having his picture taken. So that's our little day trip adventure. About 33 miles in all. It's great to be back out on the water. There are so many interesting places to go and things to do.....and a lifetime of sunny day trips when the weatherman cooperates. Perhaps you'll join us.

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