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aft view
An improvement over the stock shape allows the tank to be gripped with the knees while the main seat area is wide and comfortable with a gel pad insert to make long rides even more comfortable. The seat cover is leather, nothing exotic, although he has lots to choose from. The center section is leather, too...with an embossed carbon-fiber pattern.
port view
starboard view
Here is another port side view. You can see how the sweet spot of the saddle is in the center. My main issue with the stock Dakar seat is that it positioned me too far forward. It seemed like the longer I rode, the more I slid forward. It was further exaggerated in long off-road downhills, like the return ride on the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie. Wonderful craftmanship at every step of the way. I couldn't be more pleased. I thought the stock seat was pretty darn good....but I had no idea how much it could be improved upon. Rich O'Conner is a master craftsman. If you find yourself in the Seattle area, the whole process takes about an 8 hour day. Now I know why so many of the IBA riders in this area are sporting one of Rich's Custom Seats.
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