Snoqualmie River - Middle Fork revisited 11-27-2005

  Playin' in the snow with Tony Jones and his new KLX 250

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The clouds were supposed to dissipate into blue skies, but they clung to the mountains until mid-afternoon. Fortunately, they only gave us a bit of occasional mist at the lower elevations.

Dingford Creek Falls is a manditory location for a picture or two. Tony came well prepared for the variable weather.


The Goldmyer Rescue is Tony's story...

Just past Goldmyer Hot Springs, the serious snow riding began. Contrary to what one might think, fingers and toes were a bit cool before we encountered snow; but riding in the fluffy white stuff was such a workout that we were quickly too warm.
Here we are at the campground at the end of road NDF 5620. Trails continue into the Alpine Lakes Wilderness Area. Elevation is 2,750 feet. Tony does a few laps for the camera.
The skies are still gray as we start our return journey. There are a number of small creeks to cross. The forest is marvelous with it's first coating of snow, but riding in the white stuff demands full concentration.
The snow disappears as the elevation decreases and the roads become great cruisers. It's nice not to be in first gear all the time.
The clouds start to rise and dissipate showing us beautiful blue skies and mountainsides revealing their first brush with Winter. A Trail Pilgrim salute to all.
Crossing the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie gave us a view of Russian Butte (elev. 5,123 ft.). I guess we kinda rode the edge of the storm, today. I don't think I'd have it any other way.
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