Snoqualmie River - Middle Fork 4-22-2007

  A great Sunday ride and a good workout, too.

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When the pavement ended we decided to air down the tires. I went with 23/27 today, a bit more than usual, because I thought we might find lots of sharp rocks and shale.   When you find this sign, you know you have found about 20 miles of off-pavement fun. And it can be challenging at times. Here's Steve Borgstrom, 'borg' to those on the Chain Gang forum. The wet, freshly bladed gravel/dirt road does not look too bad, but it was extremely slippery. Wicked for street tires.
Just a pic ot the river and the Spring greenery. The clouds kept the rugged Cascade scenery well hidden for most of the day. Ferns and moss on an old tree, taken from below. Do you think it rains alot?   This is pretty much how the forest looks as you begin to climb out of the valley floor.
Here's Bill McAvan and his KLR, during a little rest stop about a third of the way up the hill.   Of course, here's the manditory bike pic at Dingford Creek Falls. And another one of the KLR, with trick suspension, auxillary fuel tank and communications gear.
Here's SoloLobo at Dingford Creek Falls on his beautiful airhead. His buddy Coopville, had a very nice Transalp. We played leapfrog almost all the way up the Middle Fork. I probaly should have stopped to be more social, but I needed to ride.....just one of those kinda days,   Well, here it is, the end of the line. Snow so heavy and waterlogged that even the 4-wheelers didn't bother. Actually, the end of the road is only about another 100 yards. Then you have to hike into the Alpine Lakes Winderness. An elevation of 2,565 is all we could get today.....but we definitely got a workout. The last pitch of washout rocks and shale was a good challenge. It was hard to find a reasonable line through the rocks....and too steep to slow down...
Here's Bill's KLR in front of what once was a small tree. You can see the off-road lights and the stout handgaurds protecting the communications gear. What you don't see is the trick suspension.   And here's Bill, pointing the way for any brave enough to go for it.......just get a big flying' start..... I expected the Middle Fork to be running a bit higher at this time of year.....I know there is a lot more snow to melt.
Mighty nice countryside. The NorthWest is a pretty good spot, even it it rains a bit.   This is about all the mountain scenery that I could find, today. I wonder if Gandalf is up there with a bunch of Hobbits? Or maybe, Allanon and some Elves. Keep the knobbies spinnin'...
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