Snoqualmie River - North Fork 10-24-2005

  Just a little afternoon ride to clear the cranium.  

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Bridge and straightaway!
Fall colors
Mount Phelps and the Dakar
This Straightaway looks South to a big wall of rock that rises 2000 feet to the top. This is the location of the Lennox Mines. Here is the North fork showing off her Fall colors and being closely watched by a few protective late afternoon clouds. Mount Phelps rising almost to 5100 feet in elevation. The Blackhawk Mine is hidden on her flanks. My BMW Dakar is happiest when wandering the backroads.
North Fork of the Snoqualmie
Map of North Fork Route
A peaceful secton of river with many shades of green along the banks and and some well-washed stones, too. I still working at the best way of posting route maps; here's the North Fork route highlighted in yellow. I should find something to fill up this space.
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