nwavriders Fall Adventure Ride 2007

  A great Friday ride and a good workout, too.       10-05-2007

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Unfortunately I couldn't make the previous weekend's ride, so three of us decided to take advantage of the GPS routes and the good weather and follow along as best we could   Lacey pilots his Honda XL650L like it is a lightweight race bike. I can only dream of being so comfortable in the saddle with a big hahdful of throttle. Here's Tony, aboard his Dakar which is the twin of mine, just a year newer.
I was a real treat to go over Snoqualmie Pass on mostly dirt from North Bend. I did not know that was possible. The temps were brisk on top, but....

we were getting a good workout so staying warm was not a problem. After a fuel stop we continued on determined to enjoy at fine day of riding full of Fall colors.

The day was fabulous, we had the whole area to ourselves and when we got a rainbow....I knew we were doin' something right.

Afterward, I always wish I had taken more time for pictures when the weather is so fine and the colors so brilliant. But the riding is so good, too......and I've never had much success at doing both at once.


We lost the GPS route a couple times in the heavy timber, but we managed to find Lake Cle Ulm with little difficulty. It's a beautiful spot.

I don't know why I never thought of riding along the shoreline with the water so low. The GPS route suggested we go across the dam.....and that would have been possible if it had not been gated and locked.
So now the adventure becomes finding an alternate route across the Cle Ulm River. We wandered and we backtracked and we even thought of trying to ride across. This meadow was picturesque, and I can envision a nice cabin and a barn.....and lettin' the world go by......but it was a dead end for us and it took a little more persistance to get on the far side of the river.   Just up the road we found some 'Northern Exposure' and the best darn burgers and parmesan fries you are likely to find. Mmmmm, it makes me hungry just thinkin' about 'em.
After Roslyn, we headed north for a few miles on 903 and near Bear Creek we pointed ourselves East, toward Liberty.   The water is low and that's a blessing, I can just imagine the volume that comes through here during spring runoff. Of course, Lacey gets the style points for the crossing....and for the steep little tank-trap whoop that we encountered shortly thereafter. I think this is the West Fork of the Teanaway river, but there are several tributaries all named the same. The creek crossing was fun and I'm glad we did not have to go up the slippery thing we just came down.

By now it was pushing late afternoon so we decided to burn the pavement north to Hwy 2 and on to Leavenworth and Stevens Pass and home. We encountered a light rain about 2 miles each side of Stevens Pass plus a bit of snow on the edges. Everyone made the round trip with a BIG grin and hoping Santa brings a softer custom saddle.

We had a beautiful ride all the way to Hwy 97 and Liberty. Great mountain roads that make ya want to go back and ride 'em again and again.   Acording to my maps, just north of the Red Top Agate Beds, we got up to an elevation of 4750 ft. there was a chill in the air and a touch of frost around the edges.

About 300 miles and about 14 hours in all......

Keep the knobbies spinnin'...

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