CMH Kootenay 2004

If you live to ski the untracked....then heli-skiing is for you!

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Thursday, 3-11-2004  Laura relaxes in the Monashee sun.
Thursday, 3-11-2004  An amazing day in the Monashees.
Thursday, 3-11-2004  David Anderson in the Monashees.
Thursday, 3-11-2004  Monashee sculpture.
Thursday, 3-11-2004  Monashee masonry.
Thursday, 3-11-2004  Ready for some turns.
Thursday, 3-11-2004  Big features in the Monashees.
Thursday, 3-11-2004  Barry Robertson cranks some Monashee turns.
Thursday, 3-11-2004  Dave Anderson with a Monashee smile.
Thursday, 3-11-2004  Big Monashee terrain.
Thursday, 3-11-2004  Let's go Skiing!
Thursday, 3-11-2004  Here comes my ride!
Thursday, 3-11-2004  I want to ski the Monashees all day, every day!
Thursday, 3-11-2004  Nice turns.
Thursday, 3-11-2004  Jim took the helicopter to the store to get everyone some chocolate covered almonds. Thanks Jim!
Thursday, 3-11-2004  These three skiers just dropped in to share lunch -- Brian Webb in the center.
Thursday, 3-11-2004  When Laura turns on the Monashee charm most guys just faint.
Thursday, 3-11-2004  Laura's Monashee tanning salon.
Friday, 3-12-2004 Brian Anglin smilin' for the camera.
Friday, 3-12-2004  Barry Robertson ready for more fun.
Friday, 3-12-2004  Helicopter in the Selkirks with heavy snowfall.
Friday, 3-12-2004  The Mother Ship in heavy snow coming to take me away.
Friday, 3-12-2004  Mike Antkowiak waiting for his ride.
Friday, 3-12-2004  Noel Davis  waiting to get her ride to the top.
Friday, 3-12-2004  The half-time huddle; are we going to fly or are we grounded?  And, by the way, pass me that chocolate.
Friday, 3-12-2004  Ken France claims that chocolate helps him deal with all these tenderfoot skiers.
Saturday, 3-13-2004  Ken France taking a second look before heading out.
Saturday, 3-13-2004  Nakusp Hot Springs helipad.

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