A Day Trip around Lummi Island, 3-2-2008

  A little scenic tour.   The weatherman said partial sun.....and it was Very Partial.......but we eventually found a little slice.

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There is alot of crab fishin' activity around Point Migley. It must be a productive spot, there are so many bouys it's a challenge finding a good route throught the maze. Around Point Migley on the northwest corner of the island is "The Willows". The restaurant is said to be outstanding and a barge is anchored offshore during the summer so boats can tie up and run the dingy ashore for dinner (Thurs - Sun). For reservations and weather conditions (360) 758-2620 This one makes the short list!!
There were a number of boats trolling the northwestern corner of Lummi, but we didn't see any action. Clark and Barnes Island are to the southwest, overshadowed by Orcas Island.
Village Point once had a salmon cannery, and adjacent Legoe Bay has an August reefnet festival that sounds delicious. Michael Oppenheimer's kinetic sculpture park has also piqued my interest....also on the short list.
Lover's Bluff is a big rock outcrop in Legoe bay. Further south, Devil's Slide is an unusual limestone cliff. We pass by Baker's Reef as we continue south toward Lummi Rocks.
Lummi Rocks are right across from Devil's Slide on the southwest edge of the island. Scuba diving might be good. Looking back with the telephoto lens I grabbed a pic of Village Point.

At Lummi Rocks we turn south and go around Sinclair Island....Eagle Cliff on Cypress Island is in the backgroud. The charts refer to a tower on Sinclair; without some bright paint it blends into the background. The Cone Islands are always picturesque, even on a gray day.
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