A Day Trip around Lummi Island, 3-2-2008

  A little scenic tour.   The weatherman said partial sun.....and it was Very Partial.......but we eventually found a little slice.

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When we arrived at Eagle Harbor, the Admiral gave me a short and crisp lecture as I failed to position Velkommen properly adjacent to the mooring bouy and then I compounded my error by failing to hold her steady, for the required length of time to make her fast. We found a patriotic red, white and blue boat nearby at beautiful Eagle Harbor.

(Ooops, now I'm in trouble for posting the pic.)

Did you notice? If you look closely at the pics of Eagle Harbor you will actually see blue skies and sunshine, finally....well, the weatherman did say partial sun, he just didn't say that I would have to wait til mid-afternoon to catch a partial glimpse.

One of the goals of this day trip was to run the generator a bit. I just happened to go into 60th Street Desserts and found a great looking frozen Chille Relleno Casserole. Wow, incredibly delicious. Need something for a meal on the water? No hesitation recommending this place. A glass of chardonnay, a view of the Cones and Clark Point and beyond.....the day just went from mostly gray to super-fabulous! (Rumor says their pies are heavenly.)

All's well that ends well. And as evening approaches fishin' boats and water taxis are headin' home.

We pass North Beach on Guemes Island and continue to cruise toward the marina.

There's a rock wall on southeast Guemes that's a favorite with dive charters......

....and Huckleberry Island in the distance. And we're back to Padilla Bay where the big red and black hulled Stavenger Blossom is still waiting.

And so ends our partially sunny day trip. 46.7 miles by the GPS. We made the loop, the boat ran fine, the generator worked just like it's supposed to, providing 220 volts to the oven, which I learned with my Fluke Model 62 infrared thermometer is cooking at 375º when set at 350º.

I hope you enjoyed our little day-trip adventure. I feel almost obligated to get out whenever possible during the off season to keep the boat limbered up.....I don't want her to get all stiff, arthritic and cranky long before her time......or my time.

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