Splash 2008 and beyond.....

Take a trip with us to Victoria B.C. and then to a few Gulf Island favorites.

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The Harbor Ferries staged a water ballet, the MV Coho sounded her horn, the Fireboats pretended to be fountains. There were some beautifully restored boats with long NW histories.

A huge barge was moved into the Inner Harbor as a floating stage for the Victoria Symphony. There was a slight breeze and the 2 tugs had all they could handle to position the behemoth in the tight confines of the Inner Harbor packed full of pleasure craft.

With the help of Gerry Greth and members of the Flounder Bay Yacht Club the barge was made fast.

Some hairstyles benefit from a local shampoo called BC Green.

Velkommen had a marvelous view of the festivities. On our port side was Pelican, Gregg and Sue Whitson's 40' Tollycraft and astern was Lulu, Gerry and Judy Greth's 37' Carver. Excellent company! We had a great side view of the stage. The lawn in and promenade in front of Parliament, faced the stage and every inch was soon occupied.

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