Splash 2008 and beyond.....

Take a trip with us to Victoria B.C. and then to a few Gulf Island favorites.

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On Friday, August 8, we head East, down Tumbo Channel toward the USA. We pass Tumbo Point and the old fogorn hut at the East Point Lighthouse on Saturna Island.

After clearing customs at Roche Harbor we decided to tuck into Jones Island for a late lunch and perhaps spend the night.

There was a large group of Sea Scouts from the S.E.S. Challenger camping on shore.

There is no finer group of young people than the Sea Scouts. They assisted with our lines at the dock and enjoyed telling us all about the S.E.S. Challenger.

Jones Island is a busy State Park and wonderful as it is.....it is not the tranquil white-sandy beach paradise of Cabbage Island.

So we ended up cruising through Pole Pass and past lovely Bell Island and on toward Eagle Cliff on Cypress Island and past the Cone Islands..........and home.

Our little adventure was not nearly long enough. I think that perhaps I had just begun to relax and shed the tension of the city. Let's hope the next adventure is just as wonderful and twice as long.

I'll be back.

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