Splash 2008 and beyond.....

Take a trip with us to Victoria B.C. and then to a few Gulf Island favorites.

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So now we are in Montague Harbor on Galiano Island. We are in the company of two of the most perfectly restored/maintainied yachts I have ever seen: a 28' Uniflite Mega, Scampi and a 1953 ChrisCraft, Nifty Fifty.

No trip to Montague harbor would be complete without a visit to the Hummingbird Pub....the pub with bus service.

The Hummingbird Pub is a great spot and the the bus ride is fabulous entertainment, not to be missed!!!

Who would have guessed that we would meet some Bellevue Sail and Power Squadron members enjoying a Hummingbird Pub dinner. It's truly a small world. Luann and I are members and have taken boating classes from some of these good folks. Now I know the owners of the beautiful vessels tied up at Montague Harbor.

Wednesday, August 6th comes to a close with a beautiful Montague sunset. Sunrise on the 7th is rather nice, too. And then there are all the interesting and beautiful boats.

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