Clancy's Ski School 2003 - 2004

and assorted pictures around Stevens Pass

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Anjanette Mack - Snowboard Instructor

Kathy Hunter - Ski Instructor Jack Showalter - Ski Instructor

Steve Eckley at the Infirmary - everything hurts!

Kurt Wilson shows the "new school" toepiece mounting on Steve Eckley's skiis Steve Eckley's Friday evening class - I was privileged to be guest host for two weeks

Leona Bratz - enjoying the snowy mountains after living in Hawaii

Heather Siddiqui - having a great time learning to ski Arman Siddiqui - showing perfect wedge form

Leona and Heather with a map of all the terrain available to them

The Norman family - Katina Norman was my student last season Cowboy mountain with the top of the 7th Heaven chairlift in the lower right
An unusual father and son picture; Matt Albertson reflecting his Dad at the top of Jupiter. Matt Albertson enjoying the fresh powder snow in Tye Bowl.   January 31, 2004 Nothing is quite so fine as doing turns in untracked, knee-deep powder!

Clancy's 'Crush'    Saturday morning, almost 10:00 a.m.

Rick Vogt - Snowboard Instructor Gavin Rickman - Ski Instructor
Now I remember this class. Mark Schinman says "HI". The Bennett Bros.    Peter, Geoff and Leigh.
Lucie Huang - Ski Instructor Faye Jonez - Ski Instructor Jon Marable - Ski this dynamic parallel or is it short swing?
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