Clancy's Ski School 2003 - 2004

and assorted pictures around Stevens Pass

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Ranger KatiJo Maher gave "Clancy's Kids" a wonderful tour with information on local flora, fauna and Winter safety.

Matt Albertson ready for a sunny day on the slopes with his students and Ranger Maher. Matt's Saturday morning class with Ranger KatiJo Maher.
Just havin' fun in the sun. Here we learn about the Yellow Cedar followed by the Hemlock and Silver Fir. Next we learn about the Pine Martin that lives in the forest. 

Then we learn about the weasel, whose Winter-time attire is a white coat with a black tipped tail.

Here's another Diana Suzuki pic with Photoshop mods. Will Rosenbaum with a sunny day smile.
Emilian Krontchev - Ski Instructor Francine Long -- I've been trying to get her picture all season....gotcha! Bobbie Smith - Ski Instructor, with Kathy Schinman.

Stevens Pass about 6:30 p.m. Saturday evening 2-21-2004 (I like this pic, but my favorite for the season is the next one.)

Mark Schinman sent me this pic taken by Gary Marks on one of their trips to Peak Adventures in Cataldo, Idaho. Linda Cowan, my GS instructor, was just passin' by.
Father Reflecting Son     Joseph And Mack Wheeler Dad, you're making me sleepy    Joseph and Mack Wheeler, again. Can you guess who is is buying lunch?
Eugene took part in the Professional Development Series Oops, I think I swallowed my chocolate. Really great pigtails!
Randy Hessen likes his Fischers. Diane Gott and Chelsea park my rig right at the front door every time I visit Stevens Pass. Thanks for visiting. I hope to have more pics very soon! 
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