Clancy's Ski School 2003 - 2004

and assorted pictures around Stevens Pass

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Ben Cooper - Master of the Mountain

Cynthia Bradshaw - Caught red handed! Steve Lesser - Ski Instructor
Travis Dreyfoos with a great ski hat. John DePrey - Ski Instructor Clint Foley - Ski Instructor
Anne Marie Dibble - Ski Instructor Dave Parry - Ski Instructor Diana Suzuki - Ski Instructor
Howard and Steve Howard Suzuki and Gary Marks Jack before the beard.
Karleen Foley - Ski Instructor Kathy Schinman - Ski Instructor Katie Carpenter - Ski Instructor
Len Goodisman - Ski Instructor  Lonnie Rasmussen - Ski Instructor Mark Schinman - Master of Ceremonies
Mary Kay Gillespie - Ski Instructor  Bolle advertisement This is so simple, I can do it with my eyes closed.
Emilian Krontchev (in the backbround)  Jim Osborne - Ski Instructor John DePrey ready to hop on board.
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