Clancy's Ski School 2003 - 2004

and assorted pictures around Stevens Pass

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Stan Aunan - leading the PDS series

Steve Eckley and Stan before class.  Here's the proof. Howard without a snowboard!
Howard Suzuki, Kathy Schinman and Tim Rickman having fun in the sun! Kathy Schinman one day before February 14. Randy Malikowski Clinic  February 15, 2004

Randy on edge.

Now he's going the other way! I almost caught that gosh-darn wabbit.
Patrice Winter taking a well deserved break. K2 with Kathy Schinman aboard. One more time...
Steve Lesser looking for fun.....and finding it. Mistilyn Parnell getting serious. Great smile!
Steve 'Carrera' Lesser, "Wow, I came down that". Patrice Winter with a stylish entrance. Mary Kay Gillespie having lots of fun.
Diana Suzuki Kathy aboard her K2s. Steve Lesser riding the edge.
Diana Suzuki with 'dash' of Adobe Photoshop. Mary Kay Gillespie looking for a win in the 'Smiles Contest'. Steve Lesser in an Adobe Photoshop storm.
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