Clancy's Ski School 2003 - 2004

and assorted pictures around Stevens Pass

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Will Rosenbaum - Snowboard Instructor

Caitlin Sullivan - Ski Instructor The backside - Jupiter chairlift
Stevens Pass...just the facts. Cowboy Mtn. from the front door of Granite Peaks Lodge. Chris Seitz - Snowboard Instructor....we go to the same barber.
A rare picture of the Dynamic Duo together.  Guess who. Karl Schinman ready to go.
The lift lines are getting out of hand.  The singles line works every time. Where to now?
Marla Hamilton-Lucas - Ski Instructor   Mike Greenleaf watching his daughter Bailey. Steve Eckley with class cards. Now who goes where?
Cool red hat! Risa Suzuki - Snowboard Instructor Ready for the mountain.
Cool black hat! Mike Long promoting the U.S. Ski Team. Rozanne Poirier - Snowboard Instructor
Mark Schinman and Diana Suzuki....time for classes. Bailey Greenleaf - Ski Instructor Darrell Turner - Ski Instructor
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