Anacortes to the Gulf Islands for a whole week !!

  Our first vacation in years, and it was Fabulous; check out the pics and you'll agree.

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"C" dock at first light Truancy works every time Sunrise by Mount Baker Remedy is sleeping in.
I'd like to get to know Sheila !! Changing sunrise At the suggestion of a couple of friends, we set off to see a bit of the Canadian Gulf Islands. We spent Sunday, August 20, getting the boat and ourselves provisioned and prepared. As you can see, Monday morning began rather nicely. The first pic is looking down "C" dock from the deck of 'Velkommen' with a nice presunrise sky and calm water suggesting a marvelous day ahead. And 'Truancy' really captures my inner self. As I wander toward the end of "B" dock, a cup of coffee in one hand and camera in the other, an outstanding sunrise erupts beside Mount Baker. It changes every minute.
Around Cap Sante - the adventure begins Anacortes to Roche Harbor

I kinda like 'Sheila'; she could be my new friend, but the reflection between us is cold, if disturbed....I'm sure. And there's 'Remedy', my neighbor's 37' Nordic Tug, just chillin' under the morning sky.

So where are we headed today? How about Roche Harbor on the NW tip of San Juan Island.

Propane for Henry Island MV Kaleetan Island Transporter Willow Island
Lopez Island ferry dock Orcas Island ferry dock I enjoy seeing the different kinds of vessels, each with their specialized tasks. There's Willow Island and the Lopez ferry dock at Upright Head, then there is the ferry dock at Orcas Island and eventually we tie up at Roche Harbor. Roche Harbor
Roche Harbor Sunset over the docks at Roche Harbor

So that's the end of day one. At least we thought it was. We seem to have tied up next to a couple of "party boats" with hyperactive kids, too. so we didn't get to sleep until late. Maybe next time we visit Roche we'll anchor out with the quieter crowd.

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