Anacortes to the Gulf Islands for a whole week !!

  Our first vacation in years, and it was Fabulous; check out the pics and you'll agree.

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Looks ready for Alaska. Looks rather peaceful. Chris Craft 'Wisdom' with the old smokestack at Butchart Gardens behind her.
Somethin' good is on the BBQ.

All that exploration is hard work so we thought a nice steak and salmon BBQ would be just right. After dinner we took the dingys back to Butchart Gardens and found our space on the lawn with the other spectators. I expected just a small display; was I wrong....This was a major production....

Waiting for the fireworks.

Just the beginning.
Ahoy there !! Ever changing patterns.

The begining of a giant fireworks waterfall.

The waterfall grows.

This display must be over 50 feet tall.

Ending of the waterfall. Who's that? Aerial displays, too.
What Fun !!!

My pictures just capture a tiny portion of the extravaganza. And words won't suffice, either. You just have to go there to experience it.

We navigated to our floating beds by flashlight. Tired from sensory overload: from flowers to fireworks....and then some.

Heading North out of Brentwood Bay.

The route home....Brentwood Bay to Anacortes.

On even the best dream vacations, it all comes down to one final day. The route home.

Wasn't it Peter Pan who didn't want to grow up; who wanted to stay in fantasy land forever?

My Oh My !!!!

Another Tollycraft...a nice 26. Coal Point and Deep Cove with Wain Rock and Moses Point in the distance, and Satellite Channel and Mount Tuam on Saltspring Island in the far distance.

Another nice boat rigged for serious fun.

Mount Baker watches over everything. Battleship Island near the main entrance to Roche Harbor. 'Golden Eagle', a fine 34' Tollycraft.

Once we cleared U.S. Customs at Roche Harbor we met a 34' Tollycraft, 'Golden Eagle', that could have been our boat's younger sister. Lookin' rather stylish. I wonder if he's a member of the Tollyclub?

Beautiful weather, great scenery, fine food and even finer company. A dream vacation......once in a lifetime? I certainly hope not !!!

Closer to home. Hicks Bay on Shaw Island. Blakely Island behind  a big ferry boat. Guemes Channel with the Guemes ferry and the Crowley tug, 'Guard'. becoming close friends.
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Special Thanks to Jay Hartland, a Tollyclub member, for giving Luann and me the basic boat handling and docking skills to make this adventure such a great success.
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