Anacortes to the Gulf Islands for a whole week !!

  Our first vacation in years, and it was Fabulous; check out the pics and you'll agree.

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Ray and Nancy just relaxin'. Genoa Bay Marina I thought Ganges was great, but Genoa Bay was absolute perfection. Small, easy going, picturesque. Maybe like Sausalito and Catalina many many years ago. And I'd love to spend a night at Captain Morgan's. just to see what's above the dining room table. Sunshine Ray
Genoa Bay Marina in the August sunshine. Captain Morgan's B & B

Once a towboat captain, always a towboat captain.

'Western Grace'
Looks inviting, doesn't it.... Dining on the deck

The Raven House Grill

Genoa Bay Marina store over the bow of the 'Velkommen'

We explored all over Genoa Bay....Ray and Nancy towing Luann and me....what FUN !! Ray takes his relaxation seriously. A closer view of the napping skipper.
Siesta time. 'Velkommen' in reflection. Nap-time's over, must be time to think about BBQ. Genoa Bay as evening approaches.
Evening reflections Evening light at Genoa Bay Evening calm

We explored Genoa Bay; we tried to see as much as we possibly could in one day. The evening was breathtaking as the soft light filtered over the surrounding mountains smoothing all edges. The morning was equally wonderful as the rising sunlight added sharpness and definition to all it touched.

Luann and I were ready to become permanent residents.

Morning at Genoa Bay First light at Genoa Bay Here comes the sunshine. Morning sun on 'Velkommen'.
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