Anacortes to the Gulf Islands for a whole week !!

  Our first vacation in years, and it was Fabulous; check out the pics and you'll agree.

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Sunrise at Roche Harbor Stuart Island with a Geodesic Dome almost hidden in the trees. Turn Point on Stuart Island Roche Harbor to Bedwell, on South Pender Island.
'Saga' Poet's Cove at Bedwell harbor.

So here is day 2, a nice sunrise over the two party boats. The southern edge of Stuart Island has a marvelous coastline. Turn Point is at the Western tip of Stuart Island. The lighthouse is wonderful and has some interesting history. It's a place I have high on my -Must Visit- list.

If you look closely at the tracks on the map, you will see a little course change near Turn Point. When we looked behind us we saw the giant 'Saga' approaching quickly. We were instantly sure that 'Saga' could go first up Haro Strait and we would tuck in behind and cross the giant wake at right angles. A wise choice. Then it's just a few short miles to Bedwell Harbor.

Just an interesting boat that passed through. A nice 40' Tollycraft at the Customs dock

Bedwell Harbour Marina and Customs dock.

A spectacular Bedwell sunset.
Morning stillness at Bedwell 1905    H.M.S. Egeria Egeria Rock Blue sky at Bedwell
Panorama of Bedwell Harbor Nice yacht, if I could only afford the fenders. The Nimbus from Olympia Coastline just East of Bedwell. perfect for dingy exploration.
'Nightwings' looks like she has been on some adventures. 'Pacific High' at rest. 'Resolution' under a nice evening sky 'Windsong' going home to Seattle.

Bedwell Harbor is a great spot with some interesting history. We should have explored more. The facilities connected with Poet's Cove Resort are very nice and it would make a fabulous vacation getaway, what ever your mode of transportation. We saw one Tollycraft from Olympia, but only in passing, and a 40' charter out of Anacortes.I wonder if they were visiting Tollycruiser friends? We met a nice couple from Seattle who were on their way home from a long vacation in Desolation Sound. Their 1974 Chris Craft, 'Windsong', was so perfect, it could have been in a museum. The PNW Chris Craft rendezvous would be well worth attending just to see some of the beyond-perfect restorations.

After two nights at Bedwell, it's time to make the run to Ganges. On to page 3......

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