Anacortes to the Gulf Islands for a whole week !!

  Our first vacation in years, and it was Fabulous; check out the pics and you'll agree.

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'Puget Sound Thunder' just warmin' up. Leaving Genoa Bay. Looking South toward Brentwood Bay. Senanus Island
It was really difficult to leave Genoa Bay: it was so perfect. But we headed South toward Brentwood Bay and Butchart Gardens. Ray ran ahead because his boat is extremely fast. When we arrived Ray was relaxing and already had a stern anchor and a bow tie in place. All we had to do was pull alongside and raft up. It was just a few minutes to the dingy dock at the backdoor entrance to Butchart Gardens. Genoa Bay to Brentwood Bay

Ray knows how to relax.

Rafted up at Brentwood Bay/Tod Inlet.
Stern anchors out, bow tied to the shore. Some lucky dawg calls this home.

Dingy dock - floatplanes on the opposite side.

Nancy, Ray and Luann

Poseys, pools and sculpture.

Now here's and unusual work. Mums the word... Waterfall panorama.
Very nice. Simply superb. Here we are.

Butchart Gardens is stunning. How they can keep that much area weed free and blooming with plants of every description is more than I can fathom. And there are sculptures and fountains and delights at every turn.

If you haven't been there...GO !!

The gardens go on and on.... Marvelous. Floral artistry.

I later discovered what a challenge it is to take nice pictures of flowers and gardens. There are more shades and shadows and colors than I'm used to, and capturing a nice picture becomes an art form. Did I mention there were fireworks Saturday nights in July and August?

Looks like a good spot to anchor. I think I could spend a long time here. 'Shamrockin' is a Washington State boat....very interesting. We claimed a spot on the lawn to view the fireworks and set off in the dingys to explore Brentwood Bay and Tod inlet. The narrow channel where we anchored opens up, near it's end, into a marvelous bay. There were boats of every description, just enjoying the sunshine and waiting for darkness and fireworks.
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